The Philippine Rubber Industries Association, Inc. (PRIA) was formed in 1979 with the merger of the Philippine Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (PHIRMA) and the Rubber Industries Association of the Philippines (RIAP) by prominent personalities in the rubber industries.

PRIA has become a single voice of the rubber industries in the country since then. The membership of PRIA is composed of companies from diverse field in the manufacturing, trading, planting & processing of rubber.

The objectives PRIA are as follows:

• Encourage and support the rubber plantation and grower sectors to increase productivity and improve quality standards.
• Foster fair and healthy competition among the members in an atmosphere of friendly association and mutual understanding.
• Gather, disseminate, evaluate, and utilize information and data for the improvement of the rubber industry.
• Constitute itself as a medium of or clearing house for ideas and information on the rubber industries among the members.
• Sponsor, institute, and conduct technical seminars for professional development.
• Search for and adopt measures to improve standards of the manufacturing and marketing of rubber products.
• Encourage and expand the sale of these products throughout the country and globally.
• Make representations with any government authority, agency or instrumentality, private concern or agency in behalf of its members on any matter which will aid and protect their interest in the promotion of rubber measures for the over-all improvement of the rubber industries.
• Foster free exchange of technologies, assist members to address raw materials and equipment capacity shortages.