Membership Services


Membership with PRIA means being directly involved in shaping the important issues to keep the rubber industry stronger and vibrant.  Our website provides you with a wealth of information, tools and resources including the following member benefits:

ACCESS TO MEMBERS-ONLY SECTION OF OUR WEBSITE – We have technical resources, business contacts, training opportunities available only to members of PRIA.

PRIA’S GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – This is the best time to get acquainted with our members, exchange ideas between business leaders, gain knowledge from our distinguished guests, discuss challenges facing the industry and have an open forum to align goals with member’s expectations. This can also serve as a chance to connect and build new relationships among members.

PRIA DIRECTORY– Have a direct access to industry contacts who are experts in their field. Send email notifications directly to members or targeted members when issues arise.

SEMINARS AND PROGRAMS FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – PRIA, in connection with different government agencies and private business sector provides seminars and training programs that are related and advantageous to the rubber industry.  This also provides an opportunity for our member to learn from other members and also allows them to pool their knowledge of others experiences.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOWS AND CONFERENCE – Participation in International Rubber Trade Shows and Conferences particularly in Asian countries to be more aware and updated on the trends and innovations which will be beneficial in the rubber industry.  With their participation to International Trade Shows and Conference, they can apply their learnings to their companies.  There are times that event organizers of the International Trade Shows and Conference provide incentives to PRIA Members through complimentary hotel accommodation or round trip tickets.

A COMMON VOICE TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES – PRIA acts as a liaison between government agencies and our nationwide rubber industry.  Through representation, issues are brought to the attention of relevant agencies, public and private, for open discussion and/or resolution.

INDUSTRY RECOGNITION – PRIA’s role as the “single voice of the rubber industry in the Philippines” ensures that the interests of the members of the rubber sector are amply represented.  At this moment, PRIA is the only rubber organization in the Philippines that is recognized by the Philippine government.  This is plainly manifested in a number of important government and private sector council when PRIA’s representation has been requested like the Philippine Rubber Technical Working Group (PhlRTWG), Member of the Advisory Board of the Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI), ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality “Rubber-Based Product Working Group” (ACCSQ-RBPWG)

ANNUAL BOWLING TOURNAMENT – Bowling Tournament is a yearly sports activity of PRIA for the unity and oneness of its members, to promote healthiness and teamwork of Members as well as to bond with employees of its Members and is a good way of disseminating information.  They get important networking connections.  Being a PRIA member is one way of attracting prospective clients as well as foreign and local inventors who would like to expand their business.  Local and International Investors who are into rubber businesses who seeks market & business opportunities in the Philippines directly contact us through our interactive website.  From there, PRIA will coordinate with its members if who among them are interested to meet with the interested parties before directing members to interested investors which might lead to opening/ partnering business with them.